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Rabid Mutt

A community to support Jounouchi Katsuya yaoi

3/9/05 10:42 am - wicabeth - New Story

I'm up to no good again and this time I've focused my sights on poor Joey. Forgive me!

Title: The XX Factor
Pairings: Eventual Joey/Seto, implied Bakura/Marik, implied Yami/Yugi
Rating: NC17 for language and some assorted naughty things (warning: gender shifting)
Summary: Because of an accident at school, Joey discovers a side of himself he never knew.

9/25/04 03:34 pm - sammie_samhain - Community owner

Eck, I thought this place was dead two months ago! x_x; There's been a few posts since I started to neglect LJ...but I'm back now, and will probably get around to sorting out what I'm going to do with this place soon (leave it alone/nurture it/kill it/give it away).
I'm deleting the journal I'm posting with now so soon as I've posted this, and ___hysterical is my new user, just so you know...

9/23/04 05:56 pm - yami_jhoney - Fiction Post: First Spark -- Story 1: the Promise (Jou x Yami)

Hey all. I know it's been a while since I've contributed anything, but here's another fic for you from a new series I'm about to start. Enjoy

this is a different kind of yu-jou...Collapse )

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(I know...that's a lot! ^^)

8/2/04 06:06 pm - yami_jhoney - Visions of You -- completed

Hi all! Just wanted to drop a quick note to yet ya know that my latest epic "Visions of You" has just been completed. It's available for viewing on my mediaminer.org account. If you like it please leave me a review there. Thanks!


x-posted in whatever other fanfic communities I belong and I'm too damned lazy to list them all today...

8/1/04 02:14 pm - yami_jhoney - Visions of You

Hey all! I have a new J x K fiction which is still in the works, but I have 3 chapters ready for review. Check it out here:


Hope you like! -- Jean

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ygo_yaoi, ygoslash, yugiou_yaoi_con

6/30/04 07:51 am - yami_jhoney - Need help with plot...

Hey gang. Jean here. I'm starting on a new fiction called "World's Apart" It has some yaoi-ness in it, but does not end on such a note. It's got most of the regulars along with 3 OC's that I created. I've got the first chapter up right now (which has gotten a couple reviews I might add! Woot!) and I'm halfway through the second chapter. Now I'm going to be doing a lil bit of a spoiler here in the plot, but this would help me decide what to do next. Ok...I'm introducing most of the mainstream characters and letting you know what they do and whatnot with thier lives, and somewhere in the beginning, Kaiba and Jou have a steamy affair, but I'm getting ready to introduce my OC's and what their part in all of this is, and I'm just wondering whether I should have Jou and Kaiba start their affair before I introduce them or the chapter after I introduce them? Comments appreciated much! Check it out and let me know what you think too ok? Thanks! http://www.fanfiction.net/~yaminojean

6/12/04 02:37 pm - yami_jhoney - Jou is awesome!!!!

Hi all! The name's Jean. I'm a new member of this community. Found it in my "playthedamncard" community. Thanks for the member who placed it there.

My best pairing for Jou is Seto. It's just the ol 'opposites attract' thing for me I believe, but I think he looks hottest beside Seto ^_~*

Looking forward to hearing others comments and whatnot on Jou. Unfortunately I have no Jou fanfics. Well I kinda do, but it's in combo with another. My fanfic name is "Even At the Cost of this life" and it's hosted on both ff.net and mediaminer.org. my author name on mm.org is "jhoney" and on ff.net is yaminojean so take a look at what I've got so far. I might write another jou fic, but no time soon though, but I support him anyhow! ^_~* *yips for her pup*

5/23/04 09:26 pm - sammie_samhain

Due to a lack of posts, I'm going to make a request:
- Please, list any Yu-Gi-Oh couple that you can think of (which includes our dear Jou, of course). I'm not sure how I'm going to use the results of this, but I will use them XD

5/2/04 02:43 am - nyankochan28 - Hey Hi!

Hey Hi's! I luv Jounouchi and most of his pairings..my favorite is JounouchixSeto..but I also really like JounouchixYugi..and I just realized I never introduced myself..*sweatdrop* so hi! I'm a new member, and my name is Nyanko! So yeah! XD! That's all, bye!


4/21/04 10:44 pm - noa - Obsession <3

Finally a community for Jounouchi :O

Nothing was specified in the userinfo, so being one of the first to post, I will post icons and spam you with shameless advertisement! ..that's it. (:

Naughty Teasers


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